Platform 1 (< 2kw),<br/>Platform 2 (upto 5kw)<br/>Platform 3 (Upto 10kw)

Platform 1 (< 2kw),
Platform 2 (upto 5kw)
Platform 3 (Upto 10kw)

  • Modular Architecture.
  • Very high Power Density
  • Optimised for Maximum Torque per Ampere using advanced FOC algorithm
  • Multi-level protection from over voltage, current, temperature
  • Multiple options for in-vehicle network (CAN/RS 485)
  • Reliable operation even at high temeratures
  • Best in class sealing protection
  • Multiple options to choose from the platform.
  • Enable higher mileage per charge
  • Best effcieincy in class
  • Robust design leads to longer life even in tough enivironments.
  • Compact in size and easy to package in the vehicle
Vehicle Segment
  • e-Scooter
  • e-Bike
  • e-Auto
  • LCV applications