Product Features

  • Enhanced durability to 150 k, 250 k and 350 k starts
  • Fully Sealed protection. & Enhanced corrosion resistance up to 960 Hours
  • Increased cold cranking capability
  • High reliability: vibration and environmental resistance to OEM specs
  • Pre-engaged reduction drive & High power to weight ratio

Key Features

  • High Output from a compact and light weight design.
  • Modular mountings based on customer mountings.
  • Optimized Magnetics using Pole shunts.
  • Hex chrome free plating which can withstand up to 240 hrs of salt spary.
  • Sealed nose-less starter for off-road applications.
  • Options of CW and CCW rotation in all designs.
  • Use of lead free brushes.
  • High thermal resistance optimized using Thermal FEA.
  • Bounce free solenoids eliminating the possibilities of contact welding.
  • Ice break feature on solenoid terminals for severe cold staring abilities.
  • Anti-cross thread feature on all solenoid terminals.
  • Use of special greases for a wide temperature range(-40 C to + 150 C)

Starter Motor Portfolio

* Technical Specification are subject to change.